Cyber Security Rating

Security measurable and comparable - the perfect basis for faster and more informed decisions.

Similar to a credit rating, the condignum Cyber Security Rating will assess your current security posture on a simple A to E scale.

Like most quality aspects of an organisation, security also costs money. And this money needs to be invested wisely in the right places, which requires an informed and solid basis for decision-making. In most cases, however, this basis does not exist or is not reliable. Making security measurable and comparable is therefore one of the biggest challenges. But a solvable one...

Security Posture Evaluation

What is the current security level and where is there still room for improvement?

  • Fast and straightforward

    Simple and comparable evaluation of the initial security level of your organisation.

  • Easy to understand

    The current security level of the organisation is quickly evaluated and visualised. It shows needed actions and areas for improvement

  • Immediately available

    • Result report in PDF format
    • Rating of the security level on a simple scale from A-E

Internal Security Posture Comparison

Establish a consistant security level throughout the organisation

  • The current security level of all organisational units and assets is quickly determined. It can be compared to learn from each other within the organisation, to improve the security step by step and to reach your security goals and objectices.
    • Results report in PDF format
    • Detailed results in the platform
    • Direct comparison between organisational units and assets

External security posture comparison

Quickly leave the competition behind

  • You can compare your security level with similar organisations and industries. This allows to optimize your security strategy and focus your security measures.
  • Security rating comparison with:

    • Reference companies
    • Industry benchmarks
    • Geographical benchmarks