Secure Architecture

Attackers only need one single weakness for a successful attack. Only by taking a holistic security approach you’re able to secure all necessary areas.

Threat Modelling / Security Req. Engineering

Knowing what matters

When designing IT projects - whether software development, introducing new systems or setting up a new network - sooner or later the question arises: "Is it secure?"

Our condignum security specialists can help you answer this question. In the course of threat modelling, your concept and architecture are analysed, possible threats and attack vectors are identified and tailor-made security measures are developed to secure your project. In this way, your project is secured in a systematic and appropriate way - right from the start.

Security Architect as a Service

Can someone check this?

Complex problems require experienced specialists. But these are rare and not always available.

Our "Security Architect as a Service" model enables you to quickly and easily consult experienced security specialists for your IT projects. Whether you are developing new software, introducing a new system or setting up a new network - in workshops we analyse your project and its impact on your IT landscape and identify appropriate security measures for a implementation. Our security architects are also available as sparring partners during implementation and provide support both in the further development of the concepts and in checking the correct implementation.

PAM implementation concept

Securing privileged access

Abuse of inadequately secured privileged access is one of the top vectors of propagation for internal attackers.

By introducing a <em>privileged access management system</em>, these accesses can be secured in many ways and the risk of privilege elevation for attackers can be significantly reduced, but the introduction of a PAM must be carefully considered and planned.

Condignum helps you to create a PAM implementation concept to enable an effective and smooth implementation.

AD tiering model conception

Securing Active Directory

The Active Directory is the heart of the infrastructure of most organizations. Even for attackers who already have access to a network, the AD is one of the first targets, as it can be used for far-reaching extensions of rights.

All too often, AD structures are not designed securely enough and attackers have an easy game.

Condignum helps you to design your AD securely and protect it from attackers.

Conception of secure network and system administration

Secure design of the administration paths in your network

If administrative interfaces and interfaces are not properly secured, they open the door to attackers and allow them to spread throughout the network and increase their rights.

You can prevent this by cleverly designing the administration paths and securing the administrative interfaces and condignum will help you to do so.

Secure network architecture

Securing the basic infrastructure

The appropriate design of a secure IT network depends on both internal and external factors.

We support you in planning and designing a secure network that both formally meets all existing requirements and offers real protection against attackers. In addition, we support you in securing your network components and services so that nothing stands in the way of secure network operation and your business processes can be handled efficiently and securely.