About us

condignum (Latin for “adequate”) is an Austrian cybersecurity company with the intention of making the online world a safer place.

Due to rapid technological developments and an increasing number of regulations, information technology is becoming ever more complex, while keeping pace with said developments is becoming increasingly difficult. We offer our customers – organizations of all sizes – access to our unique platform, which enables them to instantly master the diverse tasks and challenges of cybersecurity, risk management, and compliance.

appropriate steps to ensure…


condignum is the online security requirements management platform (SRM) that supports you in proactively achieving and continuously ensuring an appropriate level of security.

The online platform allows you to evaluate complex issues automatically and without external help, and to use strucured knowledge and years of experience of security experts.

The platform combines requirements, risk- and compliance management in a central solution. As a link between different company levels, specifications and regulations can be converted into specific work packages, the relevant requirements can be managed, and operational details aggregated at the strategic level.

Using the S(ecurity)SaaS solution you will be up and running in minutes and can focus on securely achieving your business objectives. According to your schedule and regardless of external consultants’ availability and order situation.

With our product we combine knowledge, methodology and technology.
You get a tool to continuously become safer.


across all teams.


of time, budget and personnel.


for every challenge.


and on the pulse of time.


condignum GmbH

Prinz Eugen Stra├če 70, 1040 Vienna