Third Party Management

Identify and mitigate risks in the supply chain.

Have control over important contractors and partners through efficient workflows and easily manage and continuously monitor your company's requirements.

With condignum Third Party Management, you are able to ensure the security of your supply chain and other contractual partners. You always maintain an overview of critical dependencies, ensure that your suppliers comply with your company's security requirements and always choose the best partner in your evaluation process.

Third Party Management

Keeping track of suppliers and other critical dependencies

Maintain an overview of the entire supply chain and identify, evaluate and efficiently manage critical elements within it.

Manage your supply chain efficiently. Critical suppliers and contractual partners are highlighted according to various evaluation criteria and can be dealt with accordingly.

Third Party Security Profile

Automatic on-demand security assessment of your suppliers

The condignum Vendor Security Profiles enable an automatic on-demand security assessment of your suppliers and contractual partners.

Through the automated assessment of around 90 different checkpoints, the security status of an organization is evaluated and clearly presented.

This gives you an overview of the security level of your supply chain and potential future business partners without having to contact the companies in the first place.