condignum is the modular security management platform that supports you in proactively achieving and continuously ensuring an appropriate security level. The online platform makes it possible to evaluate complex issues automatically and without external help, as well as to use structured knowledge and years of experience of security experts.

The platform combines requirements, risk and compliance management in a central solution. As a link between different company levels, requirements and regulations can be converted into concrete work packages, the respective requirements can be managed, and operational details can be aggregated on a strategic level. By using the S(ecurity)SaaS solution, you are up and running in minutes and can focus on securely achieving your business goals. According to your timetable and independent of the availability and engagement of external consultants.

Functions and content of the platform are modular and pooled in predefined packages. This allows the platform to grow with your organization and your level of security, and makes it equally suitable for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Automate your security tasks by eliminating manual maintenance of Excel files and a variety of tools. Manage security requirements, assets, vulnerabilities and compliance requirements in one central platform and benefit from out-of-the-box content packs customized to your needs and size.
Save valuable time, continuously make your progress visible and above all: become more and more secure.


Security Controls Management

Digitize your security processes and protect your most valuable assets with out platform.

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Vulnerability Management Modul

Identify, classify, prioritize and address vulnerabilites in your systems before they can be exploited.

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Threat Modelling Modul

Identify threats and implement measures before they occure or can be exploited.

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Vendor Management Modul

Perform straightforward pre-qualification, assessment and evaluation for suppliers and keep an eye on risks.

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