Vendor Management

Easily perform pre-qualification, assessment, and evaluation for suppliers and keep track of security requirements and risks.

Evaluate your third-party vendors and mitigate risks before they are exploited. With the vendor management module you are always informed and proactively manage your vendors..

Centralized management of (most important) vendors
Identify the most critical vendors and collaborate with external stakeholders, define thresholds to be met, and thus centrally manage external vendors. condignum enables you to centrally map your vendor risk management without media breaks.

Actively detect and avoid risks
Reduce the processing time of assessments from weeks to hours. Send your own or predefined security assessments in cyclical intervals – completely automated. Use the output to actively specify measures to mitigate risks. Get a continuous overview of your suppliers and services provided and evaluate the status of compliance requirements, security measures and proof of implementation at any time.

Easy evaluation and communication
Manufacturers are automatically evaluated and classified. Create evaluations and comparisons with just a few clicks to be proactively informed and prevent problems before they are exploited.


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